Elsworth People & 1977 Silver Jubilee

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This page links to pictures of Elsworth people and village life in years gone by from 1900 to the 2000s and includes some background information about the pictures and the people.  This information has been collected from various sources, especially recollections of village life in the past and may not always be complete or accurate.  If new information about items on the page becomes available the page will be updated to reflect this.

Harvest time around 1920

Harvest time in the fields around 1920.

Murden family at harvest time around 1930

The Murden family at harvest time around 1930.

Murdens in Church Lane

The Murdens outside their cottage in Church Lane.

Murden and Childerley family

The Murden and Childerley families outside a cottage in Paddock Row around 1900.

Marriage of Ethel Murden

The marriage of Ethel Murden and Herbert Phillips in 1920.

Postman on Royal Mail cart around 1900

Postman on Royal Mail cart around 1900.

Mr Throssell going to market

Mr Throssell on his way to market around 1900.

Caxton Gibbet Inn

The Caxton Gibbet Inn and the innkeeper around 1900.

Village postman around 1900

The village postman with bicycle in Rogues Lane near the bend leading to Smith Street.  This picture probably dates from the early 20th century.

Village policeman in Brockley Road

Village policeman in Brockley Road in the early 20th century.

The village scoutmaster

The village scout master Sid Wright around 1920.  He worked for the Throssell family.

Harry Metcalf and Charlie Noble

The workshop that used to stand by the George and Dragon.  This was operated by the Wilderspin Family and the men outside may have been Harry Metcalfe and Charlie Noble (holding the shovel).

Collecting water at a village pump

Drawing water from a village pump at the top of the Causeway in the 1920s.  It must have been taken before the war memorial was erected.  The people may be William Murden and his grandson Ken Phillips.

Philip Brand with steam phonograph

Philip Brand with a combined steam engine and gramophone that he built himself despite being blind from birth.  He died aged 60 in May 1922.

J W Throssell

J W Throssell (wheelwright) with a wheel made by his son K C Throssell outside the wheelwright shop in the 1950s.

Commemoration in bus shelter

Commemorating forty years of service at the opening of the village bus shelter in 1959.

Presentation to J W Throssell

Robert Evans presenting a gift to J W Throssell for forty years service to the village at the opening of the bus shelter in 1959.

Throssell family photograph

Photo of the Throssell family and relatives, probably taken in the 1950s.

Car by the carpenter's workshop in Brook Street                 Two people by a car in the wheelwright's workshop

These two pictures were taken in the yard outside the wheelwright's workshop, probably in the late 1920s or the 1930s.  The people in the picture are Tom and Annie Throssell.  Tom Throssell was a blacksmith and also had a bicycle business, sold petrol and charged accumulators for radios in the village as there was no electricity in the village at that time.  Annie Throssell ran the village post office from the front room of the house for many years.

K C Throssell

K C Throssell by the lamp post by the sluice in Brook Street, probably in the late 1920s or early 1930s before electricity arrived.

Swarm of bees in Brook Street  

A swarm of bees on a bush in Brook Street in the 1970s.

J W Throssell capturing the swarm

J W Throssell prepares to capture the bees in a wicker basket.

The swarm is collected in the basket

The swarm of bees is collected in the basket while still attached to the bush.

Detaching the swarm from the bush

The swarm of bees is detached from the bush. 

The swarm in the basket

The swarm is in the basket.

Tom Knibbs and others

Tom Knibbs on his cart around 1937-1938 in Brockley Road.

Tom Knibbs Shire horse at a show around 1935

Mr T Knibbs of Elsworth Preston Lady Bing shire mare and nine day old foal at a show around 1935.

Tom Knibbs with his grandson

Tom Knibbs with grandson Bill in September 1951.

Knibbs butcher's shop in 1913

The Knibbs butcher's shop at Christmas in 1913.  This postcard was sent is postmarked December 24 1913.

Message on postcard of Knibbs shop

The postcard sent to the Knibbs family in Gamlingay on December 24 1913 showing the shop at Christmas.  This was taken when it was nearly sold out.

Cigarette card show a shire horse

Old cigarette card showing a shire horse.  This was card number 15 in a series of 25 called British Live Stock.

Back of cigarette card

Back of the cigarette card with a description of the shire horse.

Postcard from Canada 1913

This card was sent from Calgary Canada on August 11 1913 by a member of the Knibbs family who had emigrated.

Message on postcard from Calgary

Message side of postcard from Calgary showing the August 11 1913 postmark and message to someone in Great Gransden.

Wedding of Phyllis Braybrook

The wedding of Phyllis Braybrook  and Donald Dodson at Holy Trinity Church Elsworth in 1950.

Ann papworth outside the garage

Ann Papworth (right) and Dorothy outside the house at the garage, probably in the late 1940s.

Ann Papworth outside the house in Brockley Road

Ann Papworth on the bench outside the house in Brockley Road in the late 1940s.

Ann Papworth outside the garage

Ann Papworth on the same bench outside the house, probably in the 1950s.

Leslie Papworth outside the garage house in June 1923

Leslie Papworth outside the garage house in June 1923.

Elsworth garage mechanics in the 1940s

Mechanics at Elsworth Garage between 1944 and 1952.  The people are (l-r) Ken Rolt, Bernard Woolf and Geoff Meeks.  The car is a 1936 Austin 10 Deluxe.

Leslie Papworth on motorcycle in the 1920s

Leslie Papworth on a motorcycle and sidecar, probably at the garage in the 1920s.

two women by a car in 1928

Two women by a car taken in Sptember 1928, probably in Brockley Road near the garage.

leslie Papworth and Daisy Richardson 1929

Daisy Richardson and Leslie Papworth Whitsun 1929.

Leslie Papworth outside the garage

Leslie Papworth outside the house in Brockley Road, possibly in the 1920s.

Dora Papworth on a motorcycle at the garage

Dora Papworth at the garage, probably in the 1920s.  The sheds in the background can be seen in earlier pictures of the garage from that time.

Dora Papworth probably in Spigot Lane

Dora Papworth, probably at Daisy Cottage in Spigot Lane.

Dora Papworth

Dora Papworth outside some farm buildings, probably in the 1940s.

Dora Papworth

Dora Papworth in front of a garage, possibly in the 1960s.  The wall is topped by barbed wire suggesting it is not a residential location.

Dora Papworth outside the Royal Ascot Hotel

Dora Papworth outside the Royal Ascot Hotel (the location can be inferred from the stone over the archway).  This was probably taken in the 1960s.

Dora Papworth's Hairdressing business

The card distributed customers advertising Dora Papworth's acquisition of a hairdressing business in Cambridge.

Reg Richardson and Joe Barber on a motorcycle

Reg Richardson and Joe Barber on a morotcycle, probably in the late 1920s.  Reg Richardson was the father of the late Bessie Woolf (see Elsworth Chronicle Issue 40).  The motorcycle is a Raleigh.  Joe Barber married Dolly Richardson on the 27th December 1920 in Elsworth church.

two people with van

Two men with a van, possibly in the 1950s in the yard of the bakery on the Causeway.  On the left is Jack Richardson and on the right is his younger brother Basil Richardson.  The van was used to deliver bread and was an innovation at the time.

The Papworth family by the sports field

The Papworth family apparently next to the sports field fence in Smith Street.  Leslie and Dora are at the front, two of those at the back are Grandma Papworth and possibly Elsie Papworth.

Reg, Daisy, Nell and Dolly Richardson

This picture shows Reg and Daisy Richardson at the back, Nell Richardson and child (right front) and probably Dolly Richardson (left front).  It is likely to have been taken in the 1920s.

The Papworth family

The Papworths with Grandma Papworth (standing) at the back.  The picture was taken September 11th 1924.

Bessie Richardson, Leslie Papworth, Dina Brand, Ann Papworth

At the back (l-r): Bessie Richardson (later Woolf), Leslie Papworth, Dina Brand.  At the front (left) Ann Papworth, (right) Dina Brand's daughter.

Reg Richardson and Joe Barber

Reg Richardson (left) and Joe Barber (right) outside a cottage

Daisy Papworth around 1960

(l-r) Jenny Freeman, Daisy Papworth, Ann Papworth by the garage, probably around 1960.

Three brothers

The brothers, possibly taken in the 1940s.

Thomas Richardson the baker

Thomas Richardson jr who ran the bakery on the Causeway.

Nancy Wrycroft

Nancy Wrycroft, related to the Richardson Family.

Jean Davenport, Daisy Papworth and May Wace

In this photo are (l-r) Jean Davenport, Daisy Papworth and May Wace.

Jean Richardson

Jean Richardson,  possibly around 1950.

Ruby Throssell and Jean Richardson

Ruby Throssell (left) and Jean Richardson (right) with a car, around 1950.

Jean Richardson

Jean Richardson around 1950.

Jean Richardson

Jean Richardson.

Basil Richardson in the army

Basil Richardson the the army around 1950.  The helmet has "MP" on it suggesting he was in the Military Police.

Postcard from Basil Richardson

A postcard from Basil Richardson, presumably while he was in the army.

Jack Richardson around 1926

Jack Richardson at the back of the bakery around 1926.  He would have been two in 1926.  The buildings in the background may be Disbrowe cottages on the left and a barn opposite the cottages.

Jean, Jack and Basil Richardson in front of the bakery

Jean Richardson (left), Jack Richardson (right) and Basil Richardson (front) in the Causeway in front of the bakery.

Nell, Daisy and Jack outside Daisy Cottage

Photo of (l-r) Nell Richardson, Daisy Papworth and Jack Rochardson outside Daisy Cottage around 1990.

Jack Richardson bobbing for apples

Jack Richardson bobbing for apples at the Elsworth feast in the 1930s.

Thomas Richardson Snr and Sue Richardson

Thomas Richardson Sr (police officer) and his wife Sue.  This picture may have been taken in the 1940s.

Sue Richardson

Grandma Sue Richardson in 1956 aged 85.  This may have been taken outside the Richardson bungalow in Church Lane.

Leslie Papworth with a relative

Leslie Papworth with a young boy, probably a relative.

Thomas Richardson in the first world war

Thomas Richardson the baker in uniform during the first world war.

Marriage of Desmond Misseldine and Betty Bass

The marriage of Desmond Misseldine and Betty Bass at Grantchester Church on August 29th 1959.

Marriage of Donald Misseldine and Thelma Ann Papworth

The marriage of Donald Misseldine and Thelma Ann Papworth at Elsworth Church on July 18th 1964.

Des Misseldine, Rex Misseldine and Ivor Warboys

Des Misseldine, Rex Misseldine and Ivor Warboys (l-r) on the day of Rex Misseldine's wedding.

Jean Davenport, John Davenport, Daisy Papworth

Jean Davenport (neé Richardson), John Davenport and Daisy Papworth in Over.

Daisy with Reg and Louisa Misseldine

Daisy Papworth with Reg and Louisa Misseldine outside 10 Spigot Lane.  The farm building of Brockley Farm can be seen in the background.

Bessie Woolf, Bernard Woolf, Daisy Papworth with a  wartime evacuee

Bessie Woolf and Bernard Woolf with a wartime evacuee who stayed with Daisy Papworth (far right).  The evacuee later became an airline pilot who flew Concorde.

Daisy with wartime evacuee

Daisy with wartime evacuee ouside Daisy Cottage.

DaisyPapworth with wartime evacuees

Daisy with two of the wartime evacuees who stayed with her.  In the picture are (l-r) Fred, Don, Daisy and Don's wife.

A letter from the palace

The envelope containing a letter to Daisy Papworth from the papalce thanking her for her wartime efforts.

The letter from the Queen to Daisy Papworth

The letter from the palace thanking Daisy papworth for her wartime service.

Daisy with sister nell and brother Jack

Three members of the Richardson family (l-r) Nell (schoolteacher at Boxworth), Daisy, and Jack (farrier in St Neots).

Reg Misseldine outside no 8 Spigot Lane

Reg Misseldine outside number 8 Spigot Lane.  The farm buildings of Brockley Farm are in the background.  The farmyard has since been redeveloped.

Reg & Louisa Misseldine outside number 8 Spigot Lane

Reg and Louisa Misseldine outside number 8 Spigot Lane.  This was before the cottage was rethatched as a section of the corrugated iron roof is visible.

Daisy papworth and Bessie Woolf

Daisy Papworth and Bessie Woolf outside Daisy Cottage in Spigot Lane.

Miranda and Bessie 2010

Miranda with Bessie Woolf (right) at the back of the bungalow in Church Lane in the winter of 2010.The cottages in Brook Street can be seen in the background.

Reg Richardson on motorcycle

Reg Richardson on the same Raleigh motorcycle, apparently in the same location and probably at the same time.

Nell Richardson

Nell Richardson taken at the same time as the previous pictures.  Nell Richardson was a teacher at Boxworth village school and married Alfred James Throssell, son of Alfred Throssell the shopkeeper in Brook Street.

Leslie Papworth on a motorbike

Leslie Papworth on a motorbike, possibly a Raleigh.  It seems to be a later model than the one in previous photographs.

Leslie and Daisy Papworth

Leslie and Daisy Papworth standing in front of a fence.  There seems to be a field behand the fence so it might be Tom's field beside the garage.

Grandma Papworth by the garage in 1926

The picture is of Grandma Papworth (Leslie Papworth's mother) by the garage in late 1926.  It was sent to Elsie with wishes for a happy Xmas 1926.

"Grandad Richardson" out shooting

"Grandad Richardson" (Daisy Papworth's father and Ann Papworth's grandfather) out shooting with his dog.

Jean Davenport

Jean Richardson who married John Davenport.

Family group, possibly 1920s

A group photo outside a single story building.  This may be the Richardson family outside the bakery outbuilding that later became the post office.

Charles Throssell

Charles Joseph Throssell in the 1920s. He owned the shop in Brook Street until the 1960s.  He married Phyllis Anderson at Elsworth Church in 1938.

Grandma Papworth 1926

Grandma Papworth around 1926.  This photo was sent to her daughter Elsie Papworth with best wishes for a happy Xmas 1926.

Leslie and Daisy Papworth's wedding

Leslie and Daisy Papworth at their wedding.  The man on the far right may be Daisy Papworth's father.  It is not clear where the picture was taken but it does not seem to be at Elsworth church.

Leslie and Daisy on their wedding day

Leslie Papworth and Daisy Richardson on their wedding day April 17th 1933.

Family photo with the Papworths

This photo shows Dick Throssell on the far left and Daisy and Leslie Papworth on the far right, with Ann Papworth at the front.  It was probably taken in the early 1950s, possibly in Spigot Lane.

Dora Papworth and Miss Everett

Dora Papworth (left) and Miss Everett in June 1923.  The photo may have been taken at the garage.

Miss Everett May 1922

Miss Everett, 18th May 1922.  The location is not known.

Richardson and Papworth families

Family photo of members of the Richardson and Papworth families in 1941, when Ann Papworth was a baby (seen in the photo).

Men stacking hay or straw

Two men stacking hay or straw from a horse cart.  This would have been a common sight until after the second world war when mechanisation started.

Stacking hay or straw

Stacking hay or straw with a boy holding the horse.  A tall cottage chimney is visible in the background.

Workmen in 1926

A group of workmen in a field or garden doing some digging.  This picture is dated 1926 but the exact location is not given.

Another picture of workmen in 1926

A closeup of the previous 1926 picture showing boys in the crowd as well as workmen.  It is not clear what was being done except that it involved digging.  There seems to be an old cottage in the background.

Elsworth W.I. in 1966

Elsworth W.I. Entertainment "The Jubilee Goblets" in 1966 comprising:
Thornhill, Grace Childerley, Betty Evans and Eileen Grange.

Elsworth School Team

C.A.M. Lofts (head) with school children, possibly the football team. The year 1968 is written on the football.

Elsworth School pupils 1963

Pupils from Elsworth school, possibly the football team around 1963.

Elsworth School 1963

Teacher and pupils at Elsworth school in 1963, taken outside the staff room.

Miss Lofts with pupils in 1963

Headteacher C.A.M. Lofts with pupils at Elsworth School in 1963.

Bus shelter and sports field 1962/1963

The bus shelter and sports field in 1962/1963, showing the old pavilion across the field.

New village sign 1975

The new village sign on the corner of Brockley Road and Smith Street in 1975.  Robert Evans and J W Throssell are standing in front of the sign.  The third may be Bill Sulman.

Elsworth village sign 1975

The new village sign in 1975.  Among those by the sign are John Throssell, J W Throssell and K C Throssell.

Cast of a school play 1964

Cast of an Elsworth school christmas play 1964.  Betty Evans wrote and directed the school plays for many years and most of the scripts still exist.

Slide in grass close in the 1970s

Children playing on the slide in the grass close in the 1970s.  It has since been removed and a new play area constructed in the north west corner of the sports field.

Jubilee Club outing 1977

Elsworth Jubilee Club outing to Sandringham in 1977.

Elsworth Jubilee mug

1977 Silver Jubilee Pictures

Tea party in 1981

Tea party on the sports field on the day of the Prince of Wales wedding 29th July 1981.

Village fete

This picture shows village people, some in fancy dress in Broad End.  It might have been associated with the silver jubilee in 1977.  Daisy and Ann Papworth can be seen at the back of the group on the left.

Village pageant

This seems to be a photo of a village pageant but not the silver jublee as the trees in the background suggest it is winter.  It was probably taken on the sports field.

Morris dancers in 1990

Morris dancers on the lawn at Betty Evans' house during the Elsworth Village Festival in July 1990.

Betty Evans 1991

Betty Evans with the W.I. Rosebowl in 1991.

Elsworoth W.I. in 1938

The Elsworth W.I. at a garden party in 1938.

Pupils at Elsworth School around 1900

Pupils at Elsworth School in Brook Street, probably sometime around 1900.  The slate Being held up at the front reads "Elsworth School Upper Division".  It does not give a date.  The old bakery can be seen in the background.

Elsworth School 1925-1927

This picture of the pupils of Elsworth school was taken in 1926 or 1927.   At the far right front row is Phyllis Braybrook who lived in Spigot Lane.

Elsworth school pupils in 1921

This picture of Group 1 pupils of Elsworth school was taken in 1921.  Disbrowe Cottages can be seen in the background.

Class of 1923

Class 1 of 1923 at the old schoolhouse in Brook Street.

Daisy and Nell Richardson in the schoolyard

Daisy and Nell Richardson in the old schoolyard, probably in the early 1900s.  Horseshoe cottage can be seen in the background but the pub sign is obscured by the tree.

School pupils in the 1920s

School pupils at the old schoolhouse in Brook Street, probably during the 1920s.  This picture was a formal photograph of a class by "Scholastic Souvenirs Co., Bispham, Blackpool".

Pupils from school

Picture of pupils from the school lines up across the bottom of the Causeway between the school and the Dolphin.  The Three Horseshoes pub is visible across Brook Street.  There is an oil lamp in the middle as well; there is still a street light in this position today.  A telegraph pole is also visible serving the post and telegraph office further down Brook Street.

School pupils in yard, bakery visible behind them

Picture of pupils in the grounds of the schoolhouse with the bakery buildings visible behind them.

Boxworth School pupils with teacher

Pupils at Boxworth village school with their teacher Nell Richardson, Daisy Papworth's sister.  This picture was probably taken in the 1930s.

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