The Elsworth W.I. Garden Party in 1938

Elsworth W.I. in 1938

This picture shows the Elsworth W.I. in August 1938, the occasion being a garden party at Low Farm, the home of Mrs Webb who was the president of the Elsworth W.I.  Those present were:

Row 4 (Back)
Jessop,  Thomas,  Brand,  D Desborough

Row 3
J Desborough,  Hinson,  Fensom, Throssell, T Murden, Dyon, Wayman

Row 2
Peter Buckley, Buckley, Jackson, Cross, Taylor, Harper, Murden, D Desborough, V Desborough, Webb

Row 1 (Front)
Smith, Fountain, P Warboys, Warboys, Webb, Randall, Iggulden, Braybrook, Fountain

The members of the first W.I. committee when it was founded in 1923 were Jessop (president), Wayman, Buckley, Taylor, Murden and Braybrook

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