Throssell Family Picture

This photograph was possibly taken in the 1950s and shows various members of the Throssell family and relatives by marriage.  Most of the Throssells in the picture are related to Charles Joseph Throssell (not present) who owned the shop in Brook Street while other relatives owned butcher's shops in St Ives.

Throssell Family

At the back, left to right

Peter Edwards and his wife  Thomas Throssell  Annie Throssell  Bert Hawkes

Main row, left to right

Andy Wilson  J W Throssell  Florence Throssell  (unknown)  Phyllis Throssell  Len Anderson  Bertha Richardson  Betty Edwards  Kate Throssell  Kate's daughter  Reg Richardson

Gladys Edwards  Thomas Edwards (unknown)  (unknown)  Dorothea Throssell


Gladys Edwards grandchildren

People in the picture

Thomas Throssell was a blacksmith and had a blacksmith's shop in Brook Street which still exists.  He also sold and repaired bicycles, paraffin, paraffin lamps and stoves and various other items.  Annie Throssell ran the post office from the front room of the house.  The wheelwright's shop next door (now a house) was run by J W Throssell.
J W Throssell was a wheelwright and carpenter and lived at "The Firs" next to "The Old Bakehouse" and worked at the wheelwrights and carpentry shop further down the street.  He was also the parish clerk for over forty years and treasurer for the village sports club.

Andy Wilson was married to Betty Edwards, came from St Ives and was a music teacher, his last school before retiring may have been in the London area.   Betty Edwards was a sports and domestic science teacher at Swavesey.

Phyllis Throssell was married to Charles Joseph Throssell (not present) who owned the grocer and haberdashery shop in Brook Street.  Phyllis Throssell later lived in a bungalow in Brook street opposite Low Farm, now demolished and replaced by a house.

Len Anderson had a butcher's shop in St Ives.  His wife was Queenie (not present) was better known as "Win" and was Charles Joseph Throssell's sister.
Gladys Edwards was Charles Joseph Throssell's sister and mother of Betty and Peter Edwards, married to Thomas Edwards who had a butchers shop in St Ives.  Peter Edwards was Betty Wilson's (neé Edwards) brother.

Kate Throssell (Charles Joseph Throssell's youngest sister) was married to Bert Hawkes who had a billiard and snooker table business in Hayes in Middlesex.

Dorothea Kiddle (Charles Joseph Throssell's sister) was known as aunt Dod and lived at the Old Bakery next door to J W Throssell.  She taught music, kept the books for the shop and played the church organ for 45 years.  There is a plate on the front of the organ at Elsworth Church with the inscription "This organ was re-built in 1979-80 in memory of Dorothea M A Kiddle 1896 - 1978 Organist of this church for 45 years".

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