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Last updated: 08/06/2021

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 37 May 2015    Contents: Transport Issues; Lord McNair; Jubilee Club; Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.; Fred Collins; Elsworth Sports Club

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 38 November 2015   Contents: Community Car Scheme; Heidi Allen's Maiden Speech; Elsworth, Knapwell & Conington W.I.; Elsworth's Population; Jubilee Club; Obituary - Gordon Thwaites; Elsworth Sports Club

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 39 May 2016  Contents: Transport - Pleasing Developments; Bourn Post Mill; Margaret Grange; Sue Stevens; Jubilee Club; Retirement Reflections: Involvement with the Royal Family; Elsworth Sports Club; To Make You Smile; Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 40 November 2016  Contents: Elsworth and Local Major Highway Schemes; Doreen Stevens; Bessie Woolf; Roland Bernard Warboys; Lilian Stollery; Elsworth Sports Club; Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.; Jubilee Club; Elsworth Village Lunch

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 41 May 2017  Contents: Empson's Garage & the Empsons; Michael Davison; Ann Thwaites; Jessie Throssell; A428 Improvement Scheme; Elsworth Sports Club; Elsworth Walking Group; Elsworth, Knapwell & Conington WI; The Jubilee Club

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 42  November 2017  Contents: RSPB Hope Farm; 19the Century Elsworth Pilgrims; The Elsworth Spirit; The New Papworth Hospital; Elsworth Lunches; Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington Women's Institute; Jubilee Club; Elsworth Sports Club

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 43  May 2018  Contents: Lizzie Eayrs; Important Routeways In Our Area Over The Ages;  Richard Kenneth Throssell;  Julie Ann Laws;  Elsworth Walking Group; The Birds and The Bees at Hope Farm;  Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.;  Jubilee Club;  Elsworth Sports Club

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 44  November 2018  Contents: Kazio Bienek; Inter-Lane Cricket;  War Memorial;   Elsworth Lunch Group;  Our Neighbours at Hope Farm [RSPB]; Elsworth Sports Club;  Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.;

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 45  May 2019  Contents: Elsworth Chronicle Web Site;  Inter-Lane Cricket Challange;  Oxford-Cambridge Corridor;   John Wakelin;  John Mildred Thomas;  Elsworth Walking Group;  Elsworth Sports Club;  Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.;  Jubilee Club.

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 46  Nov 2019  Contents: Surgery Car Scheme;  Elsworth, Conington and Knapwell W.I.;  The Edgley Optica Aeroplane;   John William Thurley;  Jubilee Club;  Cambridgeshire Local Plan - Elsworth Focus;  Elsworth Walking Group;  The Village Shop needs you;  Your Help is Required;  Primrose Maule Horne;  Nancy Collinwood; Elsworth Inter-Lane Cricket Challange;  Elsworth Sports Club; Have You Noticed; Mobile Vehicle-Activated Signs; Community Car Scheme.

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 47  May 2020  Contents: Arthur Rank Cambridge Hospice;  Elsworth During Previous World-Wide Pandemics;  Elsworth Sports Club;  Alfred Kenneth Moore; Patricia Skidmore; John Geoffrey Hicks;  Jubilee Club;  Brenda Dorothy Shaw; Elsworth, Knapwell and Conington W.I.;  Elsworth During Past Epidemics The Twentieth Century;  Elsworth Archives.

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 48  Nov 2020  Contents: A Fond Farewell to Karenand Matt;  Preparing for Global Climate Change in the Village;  Two Elsworth Photographers - Can you add to their memories?;  William Billing - Headmaster at Elsworth 1887 - 1912;  Elsworth Village Lunches;  Elsworth Sports Club;  Hilda Pavey; Bernard Shaw; Daphine Bleet;

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 49  May 2021  Contents: Elsworth Walking Group;  Flood Protection Follow Up;  Thomas and Wilbert Awarded a Blue Plaque;  Pause and Reflect Why English is Hard to Learn;  Jubilee Club;  Elsworth Sports Club;

Elsworth Chronicle Issue 50  November 2021  Contents:  Elsworth Village Lunches;  The Old Butcher's Shop;  Elsworth Walking Group;  To Make You Smile - Paraprosdokians;  Jubilee Club;  Elsworth Sports Club;  Elsworth, Conington and Knapwell, W.I.;

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