Elsworth Rectory

Until 1961 the Elsworth Rectory was a large 19th house across the churchyard from the north porch, at which time the house was sold to a developer.  The west wing of the building was taken down and replaced by a smaller 60s style extension and houses were built on the rectory grounds next to the house.  In the 1990s  a new rectory was built in the corner of the paddock adjoining the churchyard and is occupied by the current rector of Elsworth.  A medieval rectory may have occupied the same site previously; the rector John Watson (1516) describing the rectory as "very handsome and tolerably convenient" (The Church and Village of Elsworth, Betty Evans).

Elsworth Rectory 1904

Elsworth Rectory from the north around 1904.  Much of the main building is covered with ivy.

Elsworth Rectory 1916

This picture shows Elsworth Rectory from the north around 1916.  The western wing is visible and the top of the church tower in the background.  The ivy on the main building has grown since 1904.

Elsworth Rectory 1928

This picture shows Elsworth Rectory from the north around 1928.  The western wing is visible.  The ivy on the building was been cut back since 1904.

Elsworth Rectory Drive from Boxworth Road

This picture shows the rectory drive from Boxworth road, possibly in the 1940s.  The western wing is visible along with the building of the rectory farm on the right.  Much of the church is visible behind the rectory.

Elsworth Rectory 1979-1981

Elsworth Rectory in the period 1979-1981.  The west wing has gone and been replaced by a 1960s flat roof structure and the rectory farm buildings have also been demolished.

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