Elsworth from the Air in 1971

Elsworth from the air in 1971

Last updated: 15/04/2016

This aerial picture shows most of the village from the west in 1971.  At the top of the picture most of the old huts of Scamblers engineering works have gone and a new barn has been built on what would become Summerlin Farm.  Constellation caravan park has developed and Rogers Close has been built, the largest single development in the village to date.  The old schoolhouse on the Causeway has gone and new houses have been built on the site of the farmyard and bakery on the Causeway.The Rectory has been partly demolished and rebuilt, and a new house built on the crest of the hill off Church Lane.  The field stretching from Church Lane down to Brook Street has been developed, as has part of the paddock behind Low Farm.  A pair of cottages on Church Lane have also been replaced by a pair of bungalows.

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