Elsworth from the Air 1963

Aerial view of Elsworth in 1963

Last updated: 15/04/2016

This aerial picture shows most of the village from the west in 1963.  At the top of the picture Scamblers agricultural engineering works, sited on the old wartime POW camp, can be seen.  Today it is the Castle Acres industrial estate owned by the Franklin Trust.  Much of the village is as it was in 1960 with fields and large open spaces within the village but already development has begun.  Houses are being built in the small paddock between Cotterells Lane and Smith Street and on the Rectory home farm on the Causeway.  The Constellation caravan park has also been set up but at this point the old almshouses are still standing.
Over the next twenty years most of the fields within the village would be built on.

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