Boxworth Road, Duncock Lane and Roger's Close

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Boxworth Road runs from the junction with Brook Street and Paddock Row eastwards to the crossroads and forms part of the main road through the village.  Formerly the section from the Brook Street junction to the Drift was known as "Roger's Walk" and the section from the Drift (sometimes called Bleet's Drift") to the edge of the village was known as "Cowdell End".  In the 1911 census there was also a reference to "Bridge Street" which seems to have been the section by the bridge over the brook.  At that time it would have been an isolated group of buildings as the council houses nearby were not built at that time.  The name "Cowdell End" has been reused for the access road to new houses at the top of the Drift.  Along Boxworth Road there is the George and Dragon pub, the Baptist Chapel and Manse (now private houses), one of the village shops (now a private house), Dale Farm, Browns Farm, Summerlin Farm, Essex House and Martins Farm (the original farmhouse burnt down in the late 1950s).  Duncock Lane is a cul-de-sac that runs northwards from Boxworth Road at the George and Dragon. Originally it led to a smallholding with glasshouses used for market gardening.  This fell into disuse in the 1960s and was later redeveloped for housing.  Two houses were also built on land alongside Duncock Lane.  
Roger's Close was built on a field on the north side of Boxworth Road in the 1960s between The Limes and a small group of council houses.  The section of road that ran past the field was known as "Roger's Walk" at one time and is referred to in one of the photographs on this page.  In the late 1960s and 1970s the Rectory Home Farm on the south side of Boxworth Road next to the rectory drive was developed and became Orchard Close.
A number of new houses have been built along Boxworth Road, some in the gardens of older houses such as The Limes and others on the site of farm cottages and farmyards.  A new house has been built on the former site of 55 Boxworth Road.

View east along Boxworth Road      Boxworth Road looking east

View eastwards along Boxworth Road from opposite the chapel manse, the Baptist chapel and Essex House on the right.  This picture dates from around 1913.  These views are very similar and may be from the same negative but the prints have been offset slightly.  The print on the right shows part of a sign possibly one the end of the George and Dragon outbuilding that was at one time a shoemakers and menders.

View of Rogers Walk

View of Rogers Walk around 1913 close to the Rectory Drive visible on the right.  The large house on the left is The Limes which is largely unchanged.  The wooden fence borders the original field called Roger's Close which was developed in the 1960s.  The telegraph pole and wire is also visible.  

View from Smith Street bridge      View of the bridge in Boxworth Road

View from the bridge over the brook at the junction with Brook Street and Paddock Row around 1913.  On the left is Knibbs butchers shop and on the right is a dairy, now Forge Cottage.
The telegraph wire going to the post and telegraph office in Brook Street is visible by the bridge.
These pictures are slightly different but may be prints from the same negative or plate.  One picture is postmarked October 17 1911 indicating the view dates from before this time.

View of Cowdell End

View of "Cowdell End" (Boxworth Road) looking east.  This picture may have been taken before 1913 as the road is not made up and a tree obscures the outbuildings of Essex House.  

Cowdell End

A slightly different version of the picture to the left which may have been printed from the same negative.

Boxworth church

Boxworth village church, possibly in the 1930s.  There is no sign of any power cables in the picture.

Boxworth School, Boxworth village

Boxworth village school in the 1900s.

Boxworth School pupils with teacher

Pupils at Boxworth village school with their teacher Nell Richardson, Daisy Papworth's sister.  This picture was probably taken in the 1930s.

The Limes

A picture of The Limes in 1912 when it was occupied by the Papworth family (standing on the pavement).  They are (right to left) Grandma Papworth, Elsie Papworth, Leslie Papworth, Dora Papworth.

Baptist Chapel in Boxworth Road      The Chapel in Boxworth Road

The Baptish Chapel in Boxworth Road, probably in the early 1900s and clearly in use.  There was a schoolroom on the left side of the chapel.
The right hand picture shows a wider view of the same building, possibly from the same negative or plate.  A thatched barn is visible behind the chapel.

Cyclists in 1900s Elsworth

Some early Elsworth cyclists on Boxworth Road close to the chapel and Essex House.

Dale Farm around 1930

Dale Farm on Boxworth Road, possibly in the 1930s with the George and Dragon in the background.  The village shop that stood between The pub and Dale Farm and served the village for many years had not been built at this time.

Mill at the crossroads

The windmill at the crossroads when it was in use.

Mill at the crossroads in a derelict state 1934

The windmill at the crossroads in 1934, with the cap and sails removed and in a derelict state.

Papworth's old mill in the early 1930s

View up the drive from Boxworth Road to the old windmill when it was derelict.

Old windmill after restoration and conversion

The old windmill in the 1930s after restoration and conversion to a house.

Cottages in Boxworth Road

Cottages that stood on Boxworth Road between Essex House and the farmyard of Brown's Farm.  This may date from the 1930s as the barn is roofed with corrugated iron.

Dale Farm in Boxworth Road

Dale Farm in Boxworth Road, taken from the entrance to the farmyard of Bown's Farm.

Boxworth Road from the air

Boxworth Road seen from the air, probably in the early 1960s.  The village shop (Hancox Stores) can be seen next to the George and Dragon.

Rectory drive from Boxworth Road

View looking up the rectory driveway, probably in the early 1900s.  A track branches off to the right to serve the rectory farm.

Morris Dancers 1990

Morris Dancers at the Evans' house in July 1990 during the Elsworth village festival.

Boxworth Road in the 1950s

Boxworth Road during the 1950s or early 1960s.  The road is newly paved and electricity poles are visible.  The cottages between Essex House and Brown's Farm have gone but the new houses have not yet been built.

George and Dragon 1960s/1970s

George and Dragon pub in the 1960s or 1970s.

Workshop at the George and Dragon

The workshop that used to stand by the George and Dragon.  This was operated by the Wilderspin Family. One of the men outside may have been Harry Metcalfe and the other was Charlie Noble (holding the shovel).

View of butcher's shop and Forge Cottage

View from the Smith Street side of the bridge of the butcher's shop and Forge Cottage opposite.  The object on the left foreground is a water pipe for filling water carriers.  There were others in Cotterell's Lane and Broad End.

Martin's Farm before fire

Martin's Farm on Boxworth Road in the early 1900s.  The people in front are the Murden family, left to right Charlie Murden, Mrs Murden and Mark Murden.  The house was destroyed by fire in the early 1960s and rebuilt as a bungalow.  The original thatched dovecote survives.

Martin's Farm

Martins Farm from the front after the fire in 1960s.

Martin's Farm

Martin's Farm from the west after the fire in the 1960s.

Martin's Farm from the back

Back of Martin's Farm after the fire in the 1960s.

Fire engine and onlookers

Fire brigade and onlookers at Martin's Farm at the time of the fire.

No 55 in snow

No 55 Boxworth Road in snow during the winter of 1961-1962.

Rogers Close just before bulding started

Rogers Close just before building started with plots marked out.  The glasshouses at the bottom of Duncock Lane are visible in the background.

Bulding gets under way in Rogers Close

Building starts on Rogers Close in 1965.  In the distance the glasshouses of the smallholding at the end of Duncock Lane can be seen.

Rogers Close nearing completion

Building in Rogers Close nears completion 1966-1967.

New Houses at Brown's Farm

New houses built on the site of Brown's Farm barns 1973-1974.

Main drains being laid 1974

Main drains came to Elsworth in 1974.  Here there are being laid in Boxworth Road opposite Knibbs butchers shop.

Main drains being laid in Rogers Walk

Main drains being laid along Rogers Walk in 1974.

Boxworth Road closed while drains are laid

Boxworth Road closed at Rogers Close while new drains are laid in 1974.

Dtains being laid near Dale Farm

Main drains being laid in Boxworth Road close to Dale Farm, visible in the background.

Drains being laid in front of Martin's Farm

Main drains being laid in front of Martins Farm in 1974.

Boxworth Road 1979-1980

Boxworth Road in the area of the George and Dragon 1979-1981.

Number 55 prior to demolition

The old house at 55 Boxworth Road in 2014 prior to demolition.

No 55 prior to demolition

Garage at number 55 prior to demolition.

Number 55 being demolished

Number 55 being demolished in the autumn of 2014.  The swings used by children can been seen in the background.

Nearly gone

Only the western end of number 55 remains.

Number 55 plot empty

The empty plot where number 55 once stood.

Baptist Chapel in the 1990s

The Baptist Chapel in Boxworth Road during the 1990s.  The chapel dates from around 1830.

Baptist Chapel in Boxworth Road

The Baptist Chapel in Boxworth Road, possibly in the 1980s.  the front door is obscured by bushes.

The chapel in the 1990s

The Baptish Chapel in Boxworth Road seen from the west in the 1990s.

Dale Farm in the 1990s

Dale Farm in Boxworth Road during the 1990s.  Dale Farm dates from 1840.
Browns Farm Grain Store 1990s

Brown's Farm grain store in the 1990s when it was still in use.  Recycling banks were also sited there (right of picture).
The building is now used for storage.

Old slaughter shop

The now disused slaughter shop on Boxworth Road in the 1990s.  This supplied the butcher's shop in the village.

Scambler house

This house originally belonged to the owner of Scambler's agricultural engineering works based in the old POW camp outside the village.  The works is now the Castle Acres industrial estate owned by the Franklin Trust.

New house built next to Brown's Farm

The house built on land next to the Brown's Farm house after the farmland and farmyard was sold off.  This picture shows it in the 1990s.

Brown's Farm 1990s

Brown's Farm in the 1990s.  The farmyard that was to the right of the house has been redeveloped.

Martin's Farm 1990s

Martin's Farm in the 1990s.  The original thatched farmhouse was burnt down in the 1950s.  It stands almost opposite Brown's farm.

No 55 Boxworth Road

Betty Evans' home in Boxworth Road in the 1990s.  It has since been demolished.

Houses on Browns Farmyard

Three houses built in the 1980s on the farmyard belonging to Brown's farm.  The original farmhouse is visible on the left of the picture.

Summerlin Farm

Summerlin farm in the 1990s on Boxworth Road.  It stands at the edge of the village next to the old grain store.

No 46 Boxworth Road

This house (No 46) was built on the site of a small terrace of cottages that stood on Boxworth Road next to Brown's farmyard.

New house next to The Limes

New house built in the original garden of The Limes, seen in the 1990s.  The house is between The Limes and the outbuildings of the George and Dragon pub.

Knibbs butchers shop 1990s

Knibbs butcher's shop around 1996.  The shop adjoined the house which contained the original butchers shop in one of the rooms of the house.  A sign in the window advertises Unwins seeds 1996.

Farmhouse in Duncock Lane

This was a farmhouse originally associated with glasshouses at the bottom of Duncock Lane.  The glasshouses have long since been demolished and replaced with housing.

Rear of farmhose in Duncock Lane

The back of the old farmhouse (previous picture) showing the considerable extensions by the 1990s.  

Bungalow in Duncock Lane

A bungalow on land at the side of Duncock Lane in the 1990s.

Boxworth Road end of Roger's Close in the 1990s

Houses at the Boxworth Road end of Roger's Close in the 1990s.

Houses further down Roger's Close

A view of Roger's Close further down in the 1990s.  The post is still being delivered by bicycle.

Lower part of Roger's Close in the 1990s

Lower part of Roger's Close in the 1990s.  Some of the houses have been extended since being built.

Side street in Roger's Close

A short side street in Roger's Close in the 1990s.  The houses at the far end of it back onto Duncock Lane.

House prior to extension                House in 1998

Some houses in Rogers Close have been extended since the estate was built in the 1960s.  This shows one of the houses prior to being extended.

Start of extension in 2003                  House being extended

Two stages of the house extension being built during 2003.

The completed extension in 2007

The completed extension in 2007 with the extension looking very similar to the original 1960s construction.

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