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This is the website of the Elsworth Chronicle, a magazine containing articles about current events in the village and the history of Elsworth, Cambridgeshire.  All the issues of the Elsworth Chronicle are available on the site in PDF format and are indexed by publication date with additional indexes for major articles.  To view the copies of the Elsworth Chronicle on this site Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0 or later is required.
The Elsworth Sports Club football and cricket teams often feature in articles in the Elsworth Chronicle; links to their websites are in the Elsworth village links section.  Further items about Elsworth and Knapwell are available in the Elsworth and Knapwell section.  A number of books about Elsworth and surrounding villages have been published by the Swavesey and District History Society; a list of current publications is available in the Swavesey and District History Society section.

Development on the village allotments and land behind Elsworth School (S/4550/17/FL)

Following the Parish Council meetings on the 17th of January 2018 and the 23rd of January 2018 two documents have been made available detailing objections to the development and can be downloaded from this site.  Both are in Word format.  The deadline for objections is 13th February 2018.

Comments for the Parish Council meeting on the 17th January 2018
An individual letter of objection to the planning application

To submit articles and place advertisements in the Elsworth Chronicle please email the editor at:

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Index to obituaries in the Elsworth Chronicle

Issues of the Elsworth Village Directory

During the 1980s a village directory was published for Elsworth, providing information about the village and local services.  
The first two issues of the village directory, Elsworth Directory 1984 and Elsworth Directory 1989, are available on this site. 

Other Information about Elsworth and Knapwell

A series of pages are available containing pictures of the village going back up to one hundred years with descriptions.  The pictures are drawn from the collection of the late Betty and Robert Evans and from the collections of Mr Circus, Mr Warboys, the Throssell family, the Misseldine family, the Ripley family, the Bosworth family, the Harding family, the Knibbs family and the Merola family who have kindly made these collections available to the Elsworth Chronicle.  The current pages show:

A chronology of Elsworth created by Betty Evans listing events in the history of Elsworth from the sixth century to the present is now available on the Elsworth Chronology page.

A series of articles on the Old Schoolhouse in Brook Street published in the Elsworth Chronicle is available as a single publication "Scholars and Teachers", and a series or articles by Christopher Parish on the early days of heart surgery at Papworth hospital is presented in a single document "Heart Surgery at Papworth".
The recollections of Francis Allgood about life in Elsworth between the wars were published as two articles in 2008 and are presented here as a single publication "Elsworth Between the World Wars".

An extended version of an article about a furniture maker in Elsworth showing examples of his furniture is presented in "A Craftsman of Elsworth".

A booklet covering the history of the village of Knapwell and its church was published in 1978 and is available on this site by kind permission of the author.  Click on the link to access the booklet "Knapwell Village and the Parish Church of All Saints".

Elsworth Village Links

The  Elsworth football club website is at Elsworth Sports Football Club and the Elsworth cricket club website is at Elsworth Cricket Club.  Pictures of previous Elsworth Village sports teams are on the Elsworth Sports Teams page.

Elsworth village shop has a website at and the Elsworth show has a website at  Elsworth Church is part of the Papworth Team Ministry whose website address is and gives some details of the history of Elsworth Church.

Books about Elsworth and Nearby Villages

A number of books about Elsworth and some of the nearby villages are available from the Swavesey and District History Society.

   The Elsworth and Knapwell Chronicle - extracts from newspaper reports on events in Elsworth and Knapwell between 1773 and 1900
   The Elsworth Chronicle - extracts from newspaper reports on events in Elsworth between 1900 and 1943
   The Church & Village of Elsworth - an account of the history of Elsworth village and the Holy Trinity Church in Elsworth
   Memory Lane - recollections of villagers about life in the village of Swavesey
   Fen and Upland - a description of villages in the Swavesey area
   The Boxworth, Conington and Fen Drayton Chronicle - extracts from newspaper reports on events in Boxworth, Conington and Fen Drayton between 1779 and 1901
   The Over Chronicle - extracts from newspaper reports on events in Over
   The Swavesey Chronicle - extracts from newspaper reports on events in Swavesey

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